Justice girl:infinite attack

Justice girl:infinite attack 1.1.7

Use the right/left hitting buttons and defeat villains.

Use the right/left hitting buttons and defeat villains.


In a dark age of villains,

one day, a police officer's sister leaves a letter and she disappears.

The police officer desperately goes seeking her sister.

"I really want to find her..."

Then, the policewoman from Violent Crimes Division begins a dangerous adventure to find her missing sister.

[How to play (the game)]

?Finish each stage and get clues.

?Use the right/left hitting buttons and defeat villains.

?You have to play within the attacking range. Don't make a Miss!

?At Bonus Stage (of the game), you can get coins.

?Repeat Combo. Then, the button in the center becomes activated.

With 4 Combos, push the button and use Shield item. From 8 Combos, if you push the button at each Combo, you can use All-Kill item.

? If you

This is an action game that has a story line about "an adventure of a policewoman who is searching for her missing sister, since the sister disappeared as leaving only a letter".

This game can be played as the following. Villains come to appear from both right and left sides of the screen. When the villains enter into the attack range, that is to say, the range at which the player may perform basic attack on villains, the player can throw them away by giving punch. If the player repeats Combos,

Justice girl:infinite attack


Justice girl:infinite attack 1.1.7